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The Supreme Court of Maryland is the highest court in the state. The Supreme Court only hears cases at its discretion, via writ of certiorari, for questions that would have novel implications on Maryland law and therefore statewide impact. Approximately 80% of petitions for such a writ are denied, leading to the Court’s consideration of approximately 150–200 cases annually. Our firm has succeeded in nearly half of its petitions, and thus has maintained a robust presence before the Supreme Court for several decades. Our cases have meaningfully shaped tort, land use, environmental, and administrative jurisprudence in Maryland, as well as establishing new standing rights for the dispossessed.

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The Appellate Court of Maryland is a mid-level court that hears initial appeals by right. Any case heard before a Circuit Court may be appealed to the Appellate Court. The majority of cases decided by the Appellate Court are unreported; while binding on the case in question, such decisions carry no precedential weight and simply apply existing jurisprudence. However, if the Appellate Court decides that a case at hand concerns a novel question of law, it may by its discretion report the opinion, whereby it stands for new precedent unless countermanded by a subsequent Supreme Court decision. Our firm has presented over sixty cases to the Appellate Court, more than a quarter of which have been subsequently selected for publication as reported opinions.

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